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gary´s song (from have you seen this snail?)

gary, now i know i was wrong
i messed up, and now you´re gone
gary, i´m sorry i neglected you
oh, i never expected you to run away and leave me
feeling this empty
your meow right now would sound like music to me
please come home, cause i miss you, gary

(gary, come home...)
gary, come home
(gary, come home...)

gary, can´t you see i was blind
i´ll do anything to change your mind

more than a pet, you´re my best friend
too cool to forget, come back
cause we are family
and forgive me for making you wanna roam
and now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome
somewhere i hope you´re reading my latest three-word poem:
gary come home

(gary, come home...)
gary, come home
(gary, come home...)
gary, come home
(gary, come home...)
gary, come home
(gary, come home...)
gary, come home
gary, come home
gary, won´t you come home?
1.5.06 21:28

when the truth is ugly
people try to keep it hidden
because they know
if revealed
the damage it will do
so they conceal within dirty walls
or they place it behind close doors
or they obscure it with clever disguises
but truth no matter how ugly always emerges
and someone who care about always ends up getting hurt and someone else will revel in their pain
and that is the ugliest truth of all...
12.5.06 21:11

krankheiten können viele formen annehmen
die körperlichen sind leicht zu behandeln
viel schwieriger ist es mit den versteckten leiden
die in unseren herzen rumoren
mit den geheimen süchten die unsere seelen erfüllen
und mit den erkrankungen die wir leugnen
und die unser urteilsvermögen beeinträchtigen
um zu überleben müssen wir diesen einen menschen finden
der uns heilen kann
aber wir können nie vorhersagen
wer das mittel hat das uns kuriert
oder wann dieser jemand auftaucht...
13.5.06 22:51

all life is a fountain...
14.5.06 20:03

not everyone enjoys being a small part of a large community
indeed some yearn to leave the stress and noise of constant companionship behind them
so they strike out on their own
hoping their solitude will bring a little piece in quiet
it´s only them they discover how dangerous it is
to be alone in the world...
17.5.06 19:32

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